Loan Management System

The loan management system streamlines the entire business process from the time the loan agreement is signed until the loan is paid off. Achieve game-changing agility with the simplicity of building lending propositions. Market exclusive loan products with a fast ROI. Keep track of loan portfolio, as well as assets, liabilities, income and expenses with an easily customized General Ledger.
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Loan product engine

Benefit from the full-featured loan product engine that provides easy-to-use notation instead of hardcode implementation. It helps to create new products in a few clicks by setting loan terms, amount limits, rates and charges.
  • Flexibility in rates and charges management
  • Option to define amortization approach
  • Several interest calculation methods
  • Multiple loan repayment strategies
  • Numerous operations available throughout loan lifecycle: top-ups, rescheduling, write-offs, waivers, etc.
  • Ability to administer arrears tolerance, define NPL criteria
  • Possibility to impose a moratorium on payments
Loan product engine

Clients & loans management

Administer information of your clients and their loan accounts, create groups and centers. The system provides a superior view of the account information with an ability to manage loans via multiple operations. Real-time repayment schedule along with vast loan details display a clear vision of the account state at any period of time.
  • Rich dashboard with client information
  • Client identity documents and loan documents management
  • Complete data of the loan account and detailed repayment schedule
  • Full track of the loan account transactions
Clients & accounts management


Configure General Ledger with our accounting module. The system has vast capabilities for assets, liabilities, equity, income and expenses management. Create a chart of accounts, configure accounting rules, migrate open balances. Assign accounts for interest, taxes, fees and principal posting. You can dedicate different accounts for different types of fee and penalty. Manage funds and provisions to reduce the liquidity risks.
  • Cash based, periodic accrual and upfront accrual accounting methods
  • Complete view of chart of accounts with filtering
  • Convenient search of journal entries
  • Handy mechanism for entries posting
  • Configuration of accounting rules
  • Transactions automated posting
  • Dedicated accounts for any type of accruals


Optimize your client communication strategy and collect overdue debts through decent customer service. Improve the gathering of payments by establishing a process with our collection sheet dashboard. The system enables to filter the list in search for relevant accounts, as well as execute payment transactions and charge of fees and penalties.
  • Full list of the accounts due for the particular date
  • Filtering of the accounts list by office and assigned loan officer
  • Ability to execute the transaction and collection of charges

Extensive reporting

The system has the prebuilt reporting that allows to monitor all financial metrics or submit data to the authorities. When additional custom reports required, you can create them with our report builder. Define the view, write the data query and use new reports.
  • Large number of prebuilt reports
  • Own builder for reports customization
  • Flexibility in configuration, ability to edit report data query
  • Convenient categorization of reports, division by clients, loan accounts, saving accounts, etc.
Extensive reporting

Loan Management System by Mainlend

helps lenders to level up their customer service and boost credit portfolio. It lets improve the loan servicing process with a smart loan operation. With the help of the Loan management system our clients obtained:
boost in portfolio
reduction of NPL
regulated accounting
increased ROI
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