Loan Origination Platform

Whatever you are looking in your online lending solution, our white-label loan origination system enables you to orchestrate loan workflow from front to back. We serve an advanced solution tailored to your lending needs. Automate each step of the origination process to cut manual errors. Powerful Decision-making engine is included. Set up a complete loan origination platform in a minute of time.
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Client onboarding

Cope with challenges associated with customer acquisition. Streamline the onboarding process for the clients with own UX and white-label UI. You are able to even integrate your own existing channels using our open API.
  • Custom design developed
  • Consistency across multiple channels
  • Documents upload and processing
  • Customer due diligence can be introduced
  • Implementation of required integrations
  • Open API to support existing channels
  • Escape of manual interaction with clients
Client onboarding

Workflow and data configuration

Set up your loan origination process that 100% meets your needs. Regardless what client & loan application information you need to gather as well as loan application process to establish, everything is available for configuration via handy UI interface.
  • Any workflow setup with intuitive interface
  • Zero coding necessary
  • Compose a required data structure based on your assessment process
  • Reduce verification to minutes
Workflow and data configuration

Applications management

Have a full view of the pipeline with a user-friendly swimlane dashboard. Drag and drop the application cards, tag them.
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Several dashboards to track customers, companies, intermediaries independently
  • Basic reporting
  • All in one place: key information, documents, customer communications, tasks
Applications management

Decision-making engine

Evaluate the financial standing of potential customers and improve own portfolio with a flexible decision engine. Facilitate application processing using own rules and scorings. Benefit from preliminary testing of decision strategies. Apply various scorings for different client segments.
  • Build complex rules and calculations
  • Ability to integrate required data sources
  • Quicker turnaround on decisions
  • Decrease in operating costs
Decision-making engine

Documents management

Manage customer information and documents in a convenient way. Arrange the folder structure for each loan application and easily handle contracts, agreements, and other system documents. Create own document templates with a comprehensive editor, automate document data filling upon document generation.
  • Simplified document management through automation
  • Own documents editor
  • Instant access to all documents and templates via structured storage
Documents management

Loan Origination Software by Mainlend

enables underbanked service providers and credit unions deliver a flawless customer experience. It lets our clients rationalize their work by automating manual tasks and expediting the lending process. With the help of the Platform our clients gained:
reduction in manual errors
acceleration of decision making
increase in productivity
decrease in costs
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