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Loan Product Engine

Comprehensive Loan Product Engine

The challenges that arise among lenders lay in the area of financial products that they promote to their clients. We tried to create a full-featured loan product builder that allows, on one hand, build multiple diverse products with different interest calculation methods, repayment strategies, and amortization schedules, and, on the other hand, configure various versions of a single product where conditions like floating rates, arrears tolerance, interest moratoriums are changed based on clients and their performance.
Nominal and floating interest rates
Configure interest rates that correspond to your business strategy. Take advantage of the floating rates, apply them according to a schedule.
Charges and penalties
Configure penalties to discourage clients from deviating from the loan terms. Add disbursement fee, early repayment fee to cover operational costs and lost profit.
The system allows to use multiple currencies. Take an opportunity to diversify loan offerings.
Loan amortization
Decide what amortization approach to use - equal installments or equal principal payments.
Interest calculation method
The system provides following interest calculation methods - flat and declining balance. Interest is calculated either on a daily basis or according to set repayment period.
Multiple repayment strategies
Define the repayment order for loan components: principal, interest, fee, penalty. Choose a strategy that will allow to facilitate the repayment and keep low NPL level.
Moratorium on payments
Make your loan offers more attractive by setting a period with no interest and/or principal payment.
Arrears management
Configure the number of days a loan may be overdue before moving into arrears or may be in arrears before becoming a non-performing asset. Define the tolerance amount when the loan is overdue but not classified as that.
Loan operations
To retain clients, make it possible to top up a loan account. Use loan rescheduling to maintain performance of the portfolio. Use interest waivers and write-offs to bring a loan back to normal state.
Loan recalculation
Maintain loans by recalculation of the account state. Whether you deal with an advanced payment or necessity in the unscheduled accrual of interest, fee or penalty, you can manage all this and more by configuration of a loan account recalculation on specific intervals.
Multiple loan tranches
Arrange a revolving credit with a predefined quantity of disbursements up to the set amount limit.
Flexibility on a client level
Adjust loan product conditions specifically for each client. The system enables to change product settings on a loan approval stage.
Loan cycle based conditions
Promote offers with increased loan amount and duration for recurring clients.
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