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Improve loan origination process with up-to-date CRM, configurable workflow, built-in decision automation, applications & documents management, open API and other features.
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Loan origination system

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Every lender is special, and requirements are different across them. It might be a challenge to find an appropriate loan origination system that hits the spot. You've done it since you are here. Unlike legacy systems, our Platform is designed to support the specific needs in the world of innovation, with a flexible approach and modern design that enhance your work.
Configure credit workflow
Simple, intuitive interface to configure any origination flow. Create workflow stages, add a list of rejection reasons. For each stage define the todo checklist.
Configure data structure
Each entity in the system is configurable in terms of the dataset. Both individuals and companies, intermediaries and loan applications can be enriched with additional key information specifically for your origination process. No code development required. Define the name of field, type of data, as well as default values.
Manage loan applications
Standardized approach in loan applications management. Handy drag and drop interface to operate loan applications on a swimlane dashboard. Loan application card with detailed information to keep track of all the aspects of origination process - basic information, documents, customer communications, tasks.
Manage document templates
Reliable storage for customer documents that comes with an ability to create a folder structure. A powerful document template editor preventing the development team from constantly changing templates. Automated generation of documents, where placeholders are filled out with specific client and loan application information.
Manage daily tasks
Tasks dashboard backed by filtering. Visit it daily to fulfill the tasks assigned to you.
Open API
Ability to integrate the Platform into existing environments. With an industry standard REST API, you can programmatically orchestrate the loan origination process the way you do it via Back office. Create customers, submit loan applications, trigger decision making and perform many other operations.
Run automated scoring
Fully configurable decision making engine that allows to execute strategies according to your specific rules. Design the workflow, add the rules, set up the credit score calculation & define decision process outputs, and this is not all. Manage the decision making strategies versioning, test them before activation.
Basic reporting
View loan application statistics in terms of loan products and loan application statuses. Define the timeline and display the loan applications by portfolio volume or count.
Configure scheduled tasks
We develop the scheduled tasks based on your requirements. If you need to send an email or SMS at a specific time or by trigger, cancel the expired loan application, you can do it with our taskbot. We customize the required operations for you.
Customers & intermediaries management
Organize your customer acquisition channels by creating affiliates, brokers, retailers, contractors. Split loan applications by intermediaries for clear tracking. Manage different types of customers, both individuals and legal entities (companies) for your convenience.
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