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Take advantage of the variety of features contained in loan CRM. Configure organizational structure, manage accounts & loans, build reports to effectively control the operating costs and withstand the non-stop competition on the market.
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Loan Management System

Modern Loan Management System

We deliver complete loan management software for banks, financials, and alternative lenders. Regardless of the complexity you are aiming to incorporate in your lending business, our loan management system helps you coordinate loan servicing from beginning to end.
Loan product engine
Loan product builder enables you to create tailor-made loan offerings with unique terms. Numerous types of loans may be set up, from mortgages to installment loans and microloans.
Clients & accounts management
A rich dashboard with a full list of clients and their accounts. Manage client info, guarantors, identity documents and notes. View the loan details, repayment schedule, transactions list and other data.
Automated accruals and calculations
Keep control of the scheduled tasks responsible for automated accruals. Enable and disable them when necessary, run manual execution for immediate effect.
The system has excellent capabilities for General Ledger management. Create a chart of accounts, migrate open balances, create accounting rules. Assign accounts for interest, tax, fees postings. You can dedicate different accounts for any type of income, expenses, assets and liabilities.
The system enables to generate individual collection sheets for loan officers. Indicate the office and collection manager and view the list of due payments.
We have dozens prebuilt reports that allow effectively monitor the organization performance. With our engine, you can build custom reports to meet your daily demands.
Organizational structure management
Create offices in your company hierarchy structure. Appoint loan officers to different offices. Set up organization operating hours, holidays, create access levels, and finally grant access to the system for your employees.
Maker-checker control
Establish double control on the most crucial procedures like client & loan approval, rescheduling, disbursement, etc. We provide a flexible roles and permissions matrix to configure maker-checker flow. Users work with the outstanding tasks on a separate handy dashboard.
Audit trail
Keep track of the operations performed by the system users. Apply csv export or advanced search to find necessary records.
Communication channels
Create communication channels with your clients, primarily via email and sms. Manage templates of the notifications for individual addressing to your clients.
Open API
Use an ability to integrate the loan management system into existing environments. With REST API, you can programmatically operate loan accounts, client information, manage the organization, post transactions and keep accounting.
Bulk import
Expedite the process of data entry with the help of bulk import. Integrate client and loan information from existing databases. The system provides a clear interface and data structure sample for the files import.
Manage hooks
Make it possible for the other systems to capture events happened in loan CRM. Define the events and the channel they shall be transmitted. Share credentials with 3rd parties so that they could subscribe for notifications.
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